Accounts & Licenses

"Log in with Microsoft" lights up on my 24" screen while I search my cupboard for a Windows Education License. I'm in search of an easy way to create as few accounts and pay as little money as possible in order to develop a simple Add-In for PowerPoint. As a Linux User and Lover I see myself being excluded from this world of software that needs to be paid and registered at every corner just to work. Back to the beginning: I need to develop a tool to plan and execute surveys in lecture environments. One of the assignments is integrating the backend server running the web interface and survey database with PowerPoint so the person holding the lecture can easily start and share a survey. Right now I'm in the process of configuring the development environment, that includes a Microsoft Windows Install and mentioned PowerPoint version. With further progress I will update this blog and give you exclusive insights. Who knows, maybe this project (especially the Backend part) will go open source one day.

September 19